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Individuelle Softwareentwicklung
• Embedded Software
• Real-time systems
• Car on-board computers
• Diagnosys fo on-board car computers
Software- and process-analyse
• Analyse
• Error searching
• Software stability
Project planning
• Specification
• Requirements
• Designing solutions
• Requirement and functional specification creation
• Requirement management
• Project planning
• Software analyse
• Debug and Tracetool for Embedded Systeme
• Easy integration
• XCP comatibile
• Useful for developing and testing
Embedded BIOS
• CPU independent BIOS
• Easy application delevoping
Ingenieurbüro Peter Jehle creates professional services and solutions for developing embedded software etc.
• Development of software for control units in automotive applications.
• Analysis and improvement of existing software components.
• Expansion and development of software components.
• Extensive error analysis in complex systems.
• Relevant Bus-System
• Integration of our debugging tools. This provides the user with a XCP-based debug interface for development and for the service.
• Integration of our embedded BIOS. The user focuses on his application. Through modular interfaces in the software and the tools of recycling of its solutions is guaranteed.
Ingenieurbüro Peter Jehle deals for a long time with the issue of quality in software development. CMM is not a foreign company but living culture. Quality of development is high quality software. For this purpose, a special tool (DocGen used), which brings together planning and implementation.
• Obligations / create specifications with automatic connection to the planned product (software) ..
• Progress tracking is integrated in the source code.
• Simple Plan to possible software projects carefully and in detail.
• Problems and issues are identified in the planning.
• Creation of highly detailed specifications with communication interfaces to the code.
• Interfaces to allow a permanent code data for implementation.
• Development tasks are described in the code.